A. For Std. I&II-There is no rigid system of evaluation up to std.II.The teacher will evaluate the students through CCE simultaneously while teaching or separately.Most of the time, the students will not be aware that they are being evaluated.The teacher will evaluate the students through monthly assessment.


B. For std III to VIII:-The new pattern of examination will be followed as per guidelines issued by C.B.S.E.circular No.Academic-05/2017 dated 31.01.2017 For scholastic area there shall be examination of 100 marks . 80 marks for Board examination and 20 marks for Internal assessment. Students are required to secure 33% marks out of all subjets and for internal 33% will be for overall subjects. There will be five subjects and 6th additional subject

For the purpose of uniformity in classes VIII to X the same pattern shall be followed from this academic session 2017-18

THE WEIGHTAGE OF TERMINAL EXAMINATIONS shall be on 9 point grade points as notified earlier



Programme ForTerminal examinations


1st Periodic Test - First week of July


2nd Periodic test -    November

3rd Periodic test  -    January

Half yearly Examination  -   September

Annual Examination   -    March

Exact date and time will be notified by the Principal in the school notice board


This programme can be changed if situation demands with 15 days notice.


All assessments with regard to the academic status of the students shall be done in the marks and assessment will be given in grades.


PROMOTION RULES:-As per the guidelines of CBSE ,Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation will be done through-out the session, which will be based on class response/monthly assessment/performance of Formative and summative assessments/project work/assignments/attitude towards the school activities.


No marks will be reflected in the report cards. Subjects wise grades will be awarded based on the performances of student as per the following scales of evaluation.


A+ 90-100 Out standing
A 75-89 Excellent
B 56-74 Very Good
C 35-55 Good
D Below-35 Average


The students who secure minimum C grade in each scholastic subject will qualify to go to next higher class.


Social Useful Productive Work:- SUPW is compulsory subject for all classes and every student must secure a minimum of the grade C to earn promotion.Each student is required to select some of the following activities.


1.Paper Folding
2.Class-room cleanliness
4.Public Speaking
5.Card making
7.Clay modelling


Evaluation is as important as teaching. Our evaluation system is devised to develop in the child a habit of regular, systematic and methodical work. These tests are incentive to hard work and have their diagnostic value both for the teachers and the taught are spread-over the whole academic year. Objective ty.pe/direct answer/short answer question get due weight-age in the question papers to make tests more reliable and comprehensive. There is weight age for regular home-work, project work for promotion.


The dates of Periodic and Half yearly also Annual examinations are almost final and every student is supposed to appear in them. A student not appearing in the tests will be marked absent & would be discredited for the same